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 Updated Best Of + "Rarities and Remixes" Compilations

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Updated Best Of + "Rarities and Remixes" Compilations Empty
MessageSujet: Updated Best Of + "Rarities and Remixes" Compilations   Updated Best Of + "Rarities and Remixes" Compilations Icon_minitimeDim 26 Juil - 17:08

As part of the 25th years celebration, WAITING FOR WORDS releases an updated version of the no-longer available compilations "The Best Of" and "The Vault"

"The Best Of" was originally released in 2008 as a free downloadable compilation, as well as "The Vault [Rarities & Remixes]" in 2012

The updated versions are now available on the band's Bandcamp for 7€ each, in WAV format, as followed :
"The Best Of 1990-2015" includes 27 singles and radio promo [+ 2 bonus remixes]
"The Vault [Rarities & Remixes]" includes 22 B. Sides, Rarities and remixes [+ 2 bonus remixes]

How dit this sudden idea came up?

"We are in the process of updating our Bandcamp store with the all discography of the band. While working on it, we realised there was no compilation of our work available anymore and a "Best Of" is always a nice thing to make a band discovered by new fans. It was also ensuring all our special versions, edits and unreleased tracks were available" declared ZeN.

The Best Of and The Vault compilations can be purchased on bandcamp individually for the price of 7€ each.

Waiting For Words is obviously not doing that for money... why not giving it away for free again? Some would say it would be better to discover the band

"We've tried out - against our philosophy - givin away those kind of compilation for free... it had basically 0 impact on sales or awareness. Considering the evolution of the market and this industry we are totally AGAINST FREE MUSIC. No other art (Cinema, Books...) does that, why should we do?
This is a total un responsable thing to do to offer albums for free. Making an album still cost a huge amount of money and music have a value.
We are already setting the bar as low as possible... Come on ! 10€ for the new album ("
The Best Years Of Our Lives") and you got a physical CD, the digital version of it, 2 EPs.
And if you purchase those 2 compilations, for 14€ you got 53 tracks... how much further can you go?

The Best Of compilation takes tracks from all album as well as non album singles, special edit versions and gives a perfect insight to the evolution of this unique band. From debut synthpop to the rock era of the late 90's, from the 2004 return to electronic roots to the major storm of "Follow The Signs" and of course 2 singles from the new album.
Highlights includes "Cause I Do Believe" (versions from 1997 and 2005), "Never Again", "Another Night With You", "Above The Sky", "Travelling Man", two of the new singles ("Let Me Go" and "Bring Your Love Down") and the incredible suite of hits from "Follow The Signs" ("The Curve", "Out Of Control", "Miles away", "Pain", "By Your Side" and the 2012 re recorded version of "Follow My Voice" with People Theatre).
A couple of rarities are also included such as the original soundtracks from the short movies "Mafia Rose" (2002) and "La Passagère (2010)

The Vault compiles all B.Sides and remixes released on the various Eps since 2004, covers for various Tributes compilations as well as a couple of never heard tracks.
Highlights includes the cult Depeche Mode's cover of "Photographic" (Radio version & Club Version), "The Sun & The Rainfall" (skipped from the 2005 re-release of the album "a wALK tHROUGH tHE nIGHT") and "Nothing" (for the Tribute "Bright Light, White Noises"), all B Sides from "Pain EP", various  remixes from Commuter, Foretaste, M. Agterhuis, Melanoboy, Mycrotonik, People Theatre or ZeN himself.

So? Still here reading? Go there and support independant music : https://waitingforwords.bandcamp.com

"THE BEST OF 1990 -> 2015"

Updated Best Of + "Rarities and Remixes" Compilations The_be10

Here Comes The Shame (2002 - Instrumental Dark Mood)
Burning Steel (1992)
The Pain Of The Whole World (1993)
Where Only Angels Cry (1995)
Tranquility (1996)
The Light Of The Moon (1996)
Cause I Do Believe (1997)
Facing The Depths (1997)
Another Night With You (1997)
Never Again (1999)
Out Of Breath (1999)
About You (1999)
Close My Eyes (1999 - Meca Trip-Hop Version)
Here Comes The Shame (2002 - Instrumental Main Theme)
Above The Sky (2004 - e 7" Version)
Travelling Man (2004 - e 7" Version)
Cause I Do Believe (2005 - Creature Remix)
Here Comes The Shame (2006 - Empheus Remix by Mycrotonik)
The Curve (2009 - Single Version)
La Passagère (Extended Heaven & Hell Mix)
Out Of Control (2010)
Miles Away (2011 - Radio Edit)
Pain (NY Experience)
By Your Side (2011 Version)
Follow My Voice (2012 - Arrow re-recorded version feat People Theatre)
Let Me Go (2015 Cover from Heaven 17)
Bring Your Love Down (2015 - featuring PSYCHE, Cover from Yazoo)
BONUS: Cause I Do Believe (2006 - Full Length Extended Version of Creature Remix)
BONUS: Here Comes The Shame (2006 - Electrosynth Instrumental Version by Island)

The Vault (Rarities, B. Sides & Remixes)

Updated Best Of + "Rarities and Remixes" Compilations The_va10

Travelling Man (Club Version V 2.0 by Foretaste)
Cause I Do Believe (Klang Version by Forestaste)
Here Comes The Shame (Empheus Extended Remix by Mycrotonik vs ZeN)
Photographic (Club Version - cover from Depeche Mode)
Above The Sky (M. Agterhuis' Chill Out Mix)
La Passagère (Soft Version)
Out Of Control (Melanoboy Remix)
Travelling Man (Arpegiator Rough Mix by Foretaste)
Cause I Do Believe (M Agterhuis' Nibor Remix)
Here Comes The Shame (Island's 161 Mix)
Photographic (Radio Edit - Cover from Depeche Mode)
Joan Of Arc (Cover from OMD)
Heal (Healed Tour Intro by Stonecold)
The Sun And The Rainfall (Guitar Version - Cover from Depeche Mode)
Above The Sky (Mellow Remix 2008 - Agterhuis vs ZeN)
Pain (ZeN's 80's Extended Version)
Please (ZeN's 80's Extended Version)
Cause I Do Believe (Abstract Commuter Mix)
Here Comes The Shame (M. Agterhuis Weirdo Remix)
Miles Away (Club Version by Melanoboy)
La Passagère (Main Theme)
Nothing (Cover from Depeche Mode)
BONUS : Here Comes The Shame (People Theatre's Miracle Mix)
BONUS : Here Comes The Shame (Empheus Vocoded Remix by Mycrotonik)

(c) Waiting For Words / Foundry Records
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Updated Best Of + "Rarities and Remixes" Compilations
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